Frequently Asked Questions

Anasayfa   -   Frequently Asked Questions

Do you issue invoices for your sales?

Yes, all of our sales are invoiced. Your invoice is sent to your e-mail address as an e-invoice.
Do you provide support for the product we purchased?

Of course, we provide free support for the problems you encounter with the products you have purchased.
Can we use the software we have purchased in more than one domain?

The software is licensed to the domain address and you can only use it in your licensed domain.
Are the software codes encrypted? Can we make changes to the software?

Our software is 99% Open Code.
How and when do you deliver the software?

The software you have purchased is installed and delivered within working hours after payment.
What is required for software to work?

Linux Cpanel Hosting and Ioncube Loader must be installed on the server.